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Okay, I'm stoked. So how much does it cost and what do I get to do in a week to get my dive fantasy to come true?

Groups and Individuals are encouraged to book
directly with Bikini Atoll Divers.

Please email bikiniatolldivers@gmail.com for availability and reservations.

The current cost of a 13 day/12 night package on the Windward liveaboard vessel, which includes a minimum of 16 decompression dives on our Nuclear Fleet of ships, transportation to Bikini from Kwajalein Atoll and return, lodging and meals while aboard the Windward, is US$7,150.00.

What is Included?
*12 days/13 nights stay on board the Windward
*Air fills & tanks (80s, 50s, twin 80s) with DIN or yoke connectors
*Free beer
*Daily transport to dive sites
*All meals and food
*Juice and Soda
*Bottled Water
*Air Conditioning in cabin
*Certified Captain and Crew
*Access to deco chamber if required, though there will be a charge for oxygen used

The Windward vessel was built in Australia and has 240 volts 50 hz Australian style outlets. The vessel also has a large 5 kva step down transformer which produces 110 volts if needed.

Indies Trader will provide Soda Sorb and Helium and oxygen at landed cost plus 15%

Groups have the option of also sourcing and shipping themselves these diving consumables

If you want to use a rebreather, YOU MUST contact the Indies Trader regarding rebreather restrictions:

What is NOT Included?
*Travel/Dive Insurance
*Hard Alcohol / Mixed Drinks / Wine
*Satellite telephone and data calls. We have Inmarsat for telephone-$3.50 per minute or part thereof. Thutaya i/P for Data. Can be online all the time for $3k per trip or $10 per megabyte log on log off. We need a months notice to activate unlimited data plan
*Tips for the staff (This is entirely up to you. The average tip starts at around $50US pp and goes up from there.
*SOS emergency insurance

Credit cards are NOT accepted on board the Windward.


The voyage from Kwajalein Atoll Airport to Bikini is 215 nautical miles, 65 miles in the sheltered waters in the lee of Kwajalein Atoll and 150 miles of open seas from the northerly point of Kwajalein to Bikini. The open seas leg is around 18 hours and the sheltered leg is 7 hours.

The entire trip takes about 25 hours depending on sea conditions and current. There is an option of breaking the ocean crossing at Wotho or Rongelap Atoll for a wall dive on the way to Bikini Atoll. WothoAtoll is about halfway to Bikini from the top of Kwajalein and only a small deviation from the direct route. There is the possibility of a wreck dive in Kwajalein Atoll on the first morning in some instances if we have guests coming via Guam and Hawaii on the same trip and the Guam guests have to stay overnight to wait for the Hawaii guests.

Please email bikiniatolldivers@gmail.com for availability and reservations.


    ALL divers who dive with us on Bikini Atoll MUST have proper dive/medical evacuation insurance or they will not be able to dive with us, no exceptions will be made.

    We generally look for three main characteristics in a dive insurance plan:

    1) Ability to evacuate an injured diver anywhere in the world.

    2) Ability to pay for medical treatment of an evacuated diver anywhere in the world.

    3) Ability for the diver to dive below 130 feet anywhere in the world and still be covered by the insurance plan.


    Bikini Atoll Divers
    c/o Kili/Bikini/Ejit
    Local Government Council
    PO Box 1096
    Majuro, Marshall Islands 96960
    Tel.    692-625-4265, 692-455-2356
    Fax    692-625-3330
    For Customer Service:
    E-mail: bikiniatolldivers@gmail.com
    For technical dive info/Operations Manager:
    E-mail: bikinijack@gmail.com

    Contact Indies Trader: martin@indiestrader.com

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