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Bikini Atoll: named one of Conde Nast Traveler Online's "Ten Best" scuba dives in the world: October, 1997.

Chronicled below is a selection of reviews--by previous visitors to Bikini and also publications such as the National Geographic Magazine, Newsweek, Conde Nast Traveler Magazine, the New York Times, the U.S. National Park Service, Discover Diving Magazine, MSNBC, Sport Diver Magazine, Outside Magazine, ABC television, Scientific American, the A & E Channel, and others--about the Bikini diving experience.. If you consider yourself a serious diver, a world class scuba adventure is waiting for you at Bikini. The October 2004 National Geographic Traveler Magazine 20th Anniversary issue declared Bikini as one of their 80 "Around the World Destinations," and said, "...Bikini is the spot for world class diving."

NOTE: These recommendations/comments are from the previous, land-based operation, not the current liveaboard operation.
What Others Have Said About Bikini Atoll...

"My experience in Bikini was absolutely amazing. This is such a beautiful area of the world for exploring all the natural wonders under the sea and I thank everyone there for their hospitality".
-Paul Allen, Co-Founder of Microsoft, March, 2008

"For dedicated wreck divers...Bikini is Nirvana."
-Fathoms Magazine, Winter Issue, 2007

"I was one of 6 divers in Barb Roy’s group that spent a week last month diving the incredible wrecks of Bikini. I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know I had a great time.  I really appreciated Jim’s thorough briefings about each of the wrecks and the professional way the dive operation was run.  I can see why Bikini Atoll Divers has such a good record with very few decompression accidents despite the depths.  The staff was very welcoming. I wish I could have stayed another week.  I hope to return some day.  Thanks again for a truly amazing experience."
-Mark Theune, Oak Harbor, WA , June 2007

"For me, this was...an incredible journey into the past and hopes for a return in the future."
-Peter Pinnock, Photojournalist, January 2007

"...a few members of the submerged fleet are considered among the best deep wreck dives in the world."
-Scuba Diving Magazine, October, 2006

"I saw sites on Bikini Atoll that I will remember the rest of my life, and met the most amazing people: the Bikinians themselves. I had a wonderful time."
-Dennis Haysbert, actor in the television series "24", June, 2004

"Simply the most spectacular wreck diving on the world. That Bikini Atoll Divers runs an absolutely first rate operation is gravy!"
-Howard Hall, world renowned underwater and iMax filmmaker, June 2004

"I am not a wreck diver but I enjoyed learning and seeing the history on display at Bikini Atoll. The divemasters and crew were the most professional and fun people I have ever worked with. This was my second successful fliming expedition to Bikini and I plan to come back again."
-Bob Cranston, world renowned underwater and iMax filmmaker, June 2004

"Not only was the diving unbelievable and the wrecks beyond description, the Bikini Atoll Divers team members were some of the most professional and skilled that I've encountered in the diving world."
-Pierre De Lespinois, Director, Evergreen Films, June 2004

"Of all the dive travel I have done, this experience represents the ultimate in courtesy, friendliness, service and safety."
 - Al Rosenberg, US Navy (retired), May 2003

"I have been diving since 1956 and have never seen a better organized and safer dive operation."
Janet Fromm, The Travlin' Diver's Chapbook, 2001 edition

"...There are not many places that could look more like the Garden of Eden..."
Conde Nast Traveler Magazine, July 2000

"I've never considered myself a tech diver, but hanging off 55 minutes after a 25-minute dive is beyond the bounds of recreation. If you're spending twice your dive time mindlessly hanging on a bar, that 25-minutes on the bottom had better be worth it. At Bikini Atoll, it is and then some."

-Eric Hanauer, Sport Diver Magazine, February 2000

"...To me [Bikini] was simply 'Utopia', not just for the magnificence of the submerged 'ghost fleet', but for the pristine beaches as soft and as white as baby powder."

-Patty Newell-Mortara, Publisher of Women Underwater

"The entire setup is a class act...Diving on the wrecks at Bikini is an unprecedented experience."

-Al Giddings, Co-producer of The Titanic, and underwater filmmaker for The Abyss, The Deep and others, 4/99

"Bikini Atoll is like Truk on steroids..."

- The Travlin' Diver's Chapbook, 1999 edition

"The slow swim through Saratoga's hanger deck gave me goose bumps. I've penetrated sunken Japanese ships at Truk Lagoon, some at even deeper depths, but this was mind-blowing!"

-Jim Church, Skin Diver magazine, 12/98

"So far there haven't been many dissatisfied customers. I found the diving to be spectacular and even moving...It is perhaps the best wreck-diving spot on the earth."

-Glenn Zorpette, Scientific American magazine, 9/98

"To stand on the sunken flight deck of a 900-foot-long World War II aircraft carrier was simply amazing. It has to be one of the most unusual dives in the world."

-Mike Lee, ABC News, 4/20/98

"...Now the word is out: the atoll with the ubiquitous name offers some of the most spectacular scuba diving anywhere in the world."

-Jeffrey Bartholet, Newsweek, 12/1/97

"Bikini Atoll is a tropical paradise, unspoiled by development, with excellent scuba diving..."

-Timothy Ferris, MSNBC TV, June 30,1997

"...After being on Bikini and seeing this spectacular atoll, and after diving on the wrecks, I would call Bikini the ultimate island experience..."

- Nick Versteeg, the A & E History Channel/Dusmar Productions, Letter of 4/30/97

"[Bikini], lying in one of the more remote regions of the Pacific Ocean, surrounded by what looks like a picture postcard coral atoll, is one of the most historic wreck diving destinations in the world."

-Kevin Denlay, Sportdiving Magazine, April/May 1997

"...The amazing thing about Bikini is how alive it is: a white sand island full of coconut palms swaying over a perfect turquoise sea, fish and sea turtles swimming languorously by the beach..."

- Nicholas D. Kristof, The New York Times, March 1997

"We spent three weeks on Bikini Atoll and consider it to be one of the best (if not the best) dive destination that we have ever visited."

- Tom and Patti Mount, CEO and President of IANTD, Inc. April 1997

"Bikini Atoll offers some of the best diving in the world."

- Tad Friend, Outside Magazine, March 97

"I [was] awestruck by the massiveness of the Saratoga, a ship the Japanese thought they had sunk on seven different occasions without ever being able to send her to the bottom..."

- Bob Payne, Conde Naste TRAVELER, December 1996

"It was easily the most spectacular diving trip I've experienced, and I feel certain this will become the premier wreck diving site in the world."

- Thomas Henkel, The Houston Chronicle Travel Section, 11/3/96

"Bikini is the Mount Everest of wreck diving."

- Anthony Sommer, Arizona Republic, 9/22/96

"If you are into wreck diving or war history, it's the trip of a lifetime."

- Eric Hanauer, Discover Diving Magazine, Sept/Oct 96

"Those who make the effort will be rewarded with one of the more memorable - and perhaps exclusive - diving experiences in the world."

- Pierce Hoover, Sport Diver Magazine, Oct.96

"To call [Bikini] a diver's paradise is to sell it short."

- Jim Delgado, U.S. National Park Service, Men's Journal, Oct. 96

"...With fishermen absent for 50 years, Bikini's waters [have] returned to a rare, undisturbed condition."

- Bill Curtsinger, National Geographic Magazine, Jan. 95

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